K2 Advisors

K2 Advisors was founded in 1994 to focus solely on hedge fund investing. K2's investment philosophy is centered around a steadfast focus on risk-measuring, managing and monitoring-while seeking to generate asymmetric returns in various economic environments.

A pioneer in requiring the disclosure of portfolio holdings from its managers, K2 has developed an extensive set of proprietary analysis and risk-modeling tools that blend the art and science of manager research with asset allocation. K2 Advisors focuses on delivering a client-centric approach and providing investors with individualised attention and customised programmes.

K2 Advisors Snapshot:
Established 1994
Style Multi- and Single-Strategy Hedge Fund Portfolios
Capabilities Commingled Products
K2 Custom Solutions
Strategic Advisory
Liquid Alternatives
  • Consistent Growth Over Time
  • Pioneer in Risk Transparency
  • Experienced Team with Advanced Technology
  • Rigorous Manager Due Diligence
  • Client Centric Culture


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