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Tech Puts Progress on Long Play

Information technology has been the standout performer during the COVID-19 crisis. Jonathan Curtis, Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst of Franklin Equity Group, discusses why this sector will continue to gain relevance and is well-positioned for the post-pandemic world.

Why Invest in Technology and Innovation?

Widespread Adoption of Technology

From process automation to big data, digitalisation shapes our world today. Technology is fueling disruptive innovation, streamlining outdated processes, and creating new possibilities. Over the past few decades, the way we live had already been altered by new developments. Now, the COVID-19 crisis has significantly accelerated the process of Digital Transformation.

2020: What happens in an Internet minute1

Moving at an ever-increasing rate seems to be one of the characteristics of modern life. Multitasking is becoming the norm, as the amount of information and data shared over the internet rises substantially, and it continues to grow.

500 hours of
video upload

52,083 users
messages shared
28 new tracks
added to library

in meetings

packages shipped
app installations
404,444 hours of
video streamed

The Race to 50 milllion users (in years)2

For most innovations of our history, their success can be measured by the number of users. Reaching a 50 million users mark is a sure sign of triumph, however how long does it usually take to reach this number?
In today’s tech-fuelled and tech-led world, top products are reaching high levels of consumers in incredibly short amounts of time.


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Key Drivers of Innovation and Technology Growth

While new technologies have already changed our world, the pace of innovation is continuing to accelerate. The coming decades will feature even more growth in digital technologies, tools, and services. Where are the potential investment opportunities?

Artificial Intelligence

Enables data analysis using automated computing processes at scale

Alibaba, Facebook, Google3

Cloud Computing

Supports companies in scaling their digital businesses globally at low cost


Financial Services (Fintech)

Key to new commerce growth, allowing for digital


Internet-of-Things (IoT)

A rich source of consumer and business process data



Connects buyers and sellers no matter how far apart

MasterCard, Alibaba3

Medical Technology

New pharmaceutical technologies offer new treatment options for patients and advancements in healthcare

Illumina Inc.3

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The diversity of technology sub-sectors and the prevalence of technology in daily life make a strong argument for treating technology as a core element of investor portfolios.

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