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Emerging markets are vibrant, exciting and have the potential to be profitable for investors.

Developing economies used to rely on manufacturing, support services and commodities, and while these strengths are still key to their success, there are far more things a savvy investor should consider.

Emerging markets are transforming rapidly. They are now at the forefront of the technology revolution, whether as the provider of cutting edge products and services, or as major contributor in technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and supercomputers.


  • Watch Chetan Sehgal, Senior Managing Director, Director of Portfolio Management at Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity. He's speaking about the rise of premium demand in Emerging Markets and global technological revolution it has been driving for ten years now.

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Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Offices

Source: Franklin Templeton Investments (FTI). Expected as of 31/03/2018. Investment professionals include research analysts, portfolio managers, directors and CIO.

Our range of emerging markets funds


Templeton Emerging Markets Bond Fund*

As of 31/12/2017

Fund Size $ 9,25 Billion
Asset Class Fixed Income
Morningstar CategoryTM Global Emerging Markets Bond
Inception Date 05/07/1991


Templeton Emerging Markets Smaller Companies Fund*

As of 31/12/2017

Fund Size 1,21 Billion
Asset Class Equity
Morningstar CategoryTM Global Emerging Markets
Small Mid-Cap Equity
Inception Date 18/10/2007


Franklin India Fund*

As of 31/12/2017

Fund Size 4,44 Billion
Asset Class Equity
India Equity
Inception Date 25/10/2005


Templeton Frontier Markets Fund*

As of 31/12/2017

Fund Size 859,42 Million
Asset Class Equity
Morningstar CategoryTM Global Frontier Markets Equity
Inception Date 14/10/2008

* Sub-fund of the Luxembourg-domiciled SICAV Franklin Templeton Investment Funds

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